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NASA News: Potentially Dangerous Asteroid will Pass Near Earth in September

An asteroid double-size larger than the famous Empire State Building in New York will pass near Earth on September 14 at a distance of at about 5.3 million kilometers. NASA has included it in the category of “potentially dangerous” space objects.

According to NASA’s Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects (CNEOS), the asteroid 467317 (2000 QW7) has a velocity of approximately 23,000 kilometers per hour.

Asteroid 467317 (2000 QW7) orbits Earth and Sun. Objects in this category do not normally intersect with Earth’s orbit, but, from time to time, they are getting closer to our planet.

Experts say that it will pass very close to Earth but far enough the planet not to be in danger. However, certain factors that can alter its trajectory cannot be excluded.

The asteroid was included by NASA in the “potentially dangerous” category, like any other space object approaching Earth less than 7,480,000 kilometers.

NASA specialists have proposed that by 2020, they will identify 90% of the large asteroids – over 140 meters – that reach near Earth, but it could take 30 years to accomplish this.

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