Trans Fats: How Dangerous are They to Your Health?

Trans fats are found in many of the processed foods we find on the market, foods that people consume on a daily basis. It is important to know what these artificial compounds are, where they are hiding and what devastating effects they may have on the body.

“Trans fatty acids (TFA), also called artificial trans fats, are industrial fats with particular characteristics: they resist high temperatures, are more resistant to aging and rancidity. They are also low-cost oils, which reduce the overall production costs of food,” says nutritionist Gianluca Mech.

Trans-unsaturated fatty acids can be found in many commercial foods such as margarine, popcorn, envelope soups, biscuits, wafers, and chips. Few know that trans fats can cause extremely serious illnesses and even lead to death. Here’s what kind of food the nutritionist Gianluca Mech recommends to avoid as much as possible.

“They can be found mostly in sweet and savory snacks made industrially. Trans fatty acids increase LDL (“bad” cholesterol) but not HDL (“good” cholesterol), increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Studies show that trans fatty acids are responsible for 500 thousand deaths a year, due to the pathologies associated with them,” explains Gianluca Mech.

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