Why Buying a Refillable Device Is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make as a Vaper

If you vape, there’s a good chance that you use an e-cigarette with pre-filled disposable pods because that’s what almost all new vapers use. E-cigarettes with pre-filled pods are the things that you’ll find at convenience stores and supermarkets. They’re the devices with the best distribution and marketing, so they’re what people often choose as their first vaping devices.

If you do own a vaping device with pre-filled pods, hopefully you’ve had a great experience with it and have been successful in your quest to quit smoking and switch to vaping. If you haven’t managed to switch successfully, though, you shouldn’t be hasty in deciding that vaping itself is the reason for your lack of satisfaction. In fact, the problem could be your vaping device. While a device with pre-filled pods can give you a great introduction to vaping, it’s also going to give you an incredibly limited – not to mention expensive – vaping experience.

If you want to have the best vaping experience possible, you need to use a refillable vaping device. Here’s why getting a refillable device is going to be the best decision you’ll ever make as a vaper.

A Refillable Vaping Device Gives You Incredible Flavor Variety

The biggest drawback of using a vaping device with pre-filled pods is a lack of flavor variety. There are hundreds and hundreds of Vape Juice flavors in the world today, but if you’re using a pre-filled vaping product, you can experience just two of those flavors: tobacco and menthol. That’s due to government-mandated restrictions that make tobacco and menthol the only two flavors available for any pre-filled vaping device. Those flavors might be just what you’re looking for as an introduction to what vaping is and how it works, but they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what’s available in the wider world of vape juice. Once you experience everything else that’s out there, it’s highly unlikely that your favorite vape juice will be a plain tobacco or menthol flavor.

A Refillable Vaping Device Gives You the Best Performance and Battery Life

One of the great things about refillable vaping devices is that they’re almost always designed for better performance and battery life compared to devices with pre-filled pods. One thing pre-filled devices have going for them is the fact that they’re only a little bit larger than tobacco cigarettes. That’s great for first-time vapers who feel a bit of trepidation about leaving cigarettes behind. Being that small, though, a typical pre-filled pod system doesn’t even offer enough battery life or e-liquid storage to last through even a single day of vaping.

With only a slight increase in size, a refillable device can offer dramatically better battery life and increased e-liquid storage. Since a refillable device will almost always have a larger pod than a pre-filled device, it’ll also have room for a larger atomizer coil – and that means it’ll produce bigger clouds. A refillable vaping device can offer an experience that’s simply more satisfying in every way.

A Refillable Vaping Device Will Dramatically Cut Your Expenses

If you use a vaping device with pre-filled pods, have you ever stopped to consider how much you’re spending each day to vape? The most popular pre-filled pod system has pods that cost about $4.00 each. That’s almost as much as a pack of cigarettes in some areas, and vaping was never supposed to be so expensive. In addition to having the benefit of providing nicotine without smoke, vaping was always intended to be a lower-cost option. The problem is that pre-filled vaping devices are proprietary, and that means the makers of those devices can charge whatever they want for the pods.

When you use a refillable vaping device, you’re taking advantage of market conditions that are much fairer and more consumer friendly. Since you can use whatever vape juice you want in your device, e-liquid makers have no choice but to offer their products at fair prices. If you switch to a refillable vaping device without increasing your daily e-liquid consumption, you can easily expect to reduce your daily vaping expenses by as much as 75 percent.

Some Refillable Vaping Devices Give You Many Possible Experiences in One Package

One of the things you may not realize about vaping is the impact that your atomizer coil has on your vaping experience. Some vapers use tanks with replaceable atomizer coils, and many of those tanks have several different atomizer coils available – each one providing a slightly different experience in terms of vapor production and flavor. It’s possible to enjoy that same level of variety with some refillable pod-based vaping devices because some of those systems have replaceable atomizer coils. You might buy a device, for example, that has a higher-resistance coil for mouth-to-lung inhaling, a lower-resistance coil for direct-to-lung inhaling and a coil with a ceramic wick for thick oils.

While it’s true that using a vaping device with a replaceable atomizer coil is slightly more complex than using a device with pre-filled disposable pods, you may find that the extra complexity is worth it if you like the idea of a single vaping device that can provide many different types of experiences. You’ll also find that replacing an atomizer coil is a skill that you’ll learn very quickly. With most pod systems, all that you need to do is pull the old coil out and push in a new one.

How to Choose a Refillable Vaping Device

When you shop for a refillable vaping device, it’s a good idea to choose a pod-based device if you’re currently using an e-cigarette with pre-filled pods. If you stick with the pod-based paradigm, you can enjoy the advantages of using a refillable device without changing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. Look for a device that’s only slightly larger than what you’re using currently. Some very large pod-based devices – they’re called “pod mods” – are significantly larger and more powerful than what you’re currently using. You may not enjoy using a pod mod because it’ll produce much bigger vapor clouds than your current device and will require you to lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid.

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