Global Warming Will Increase Food Prices

Drought, extreme weather events, water and soil pollution will all contribute to rising food prices, says a United Nations study.

Global warming is felt not only on rising levels of the oceans or on the rising average temperatures, unfortunately, according to a study by a United Nations commission. The food production and consequently the costs at which they will be available will also be affected.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Commission on Climate Change has released a report warning that global warming is already affecting global food production in a negative way and that these problems will worsen in the future.

More than 100 experts who worked on this study. They explain that, at present, due to droughts, heatwaves, wildfires or forest fires, floods or defrosting of the permafrost layer, agricultural activities are more difficult to accomplish.

In the medium and long term, these extreme weather conditions coupled with the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will lead to the situation where the food produced will be of lower quality and a much less quantity. At this point, the situation becomes a simple problem of the economy, an increasing demand will be met by a falling food supply. The outcome? A gradual or sudden increase in prices, depending on the food and the generalization of extreme weather conditions.

Despite the bleak outlook that scientists place on us, they would like to point out in their report that measures can still be taken to prevent further warming of the climate. These measures involve a common effort of all global actors: states, NGOs, and corporations.

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