Google Will Allow Searching Using Screenshots

Google will allow you to start searching and using screenshots, analyzing content using AI technologies.

Google could expand the functionality of Google Search by combining two essential technologies: capturing screenshots and visual recognition of content using artificial intelligence technologies.

According to hints obtained by analyzing the latest contents of the installation package for the latest Google Lens version, search engine integration is about to be expanded by adding a feature called Smart Screenshots. This will be manifested by displaying additional options when capturing screenshots, allowing users to search the internet for details on any object or portion of text captured using the camera, or captured directly from the interface of an Android application.

As before, the screenshots obtained may be forwarded to a contact on social media, or processed using Google Lens services. By selecting Lens, the screenshot will be passed through an OCR filter for recognizing text elements and a filter for recognizing visual cues. The search can be further narrowed down by selecting a particular portion of the image.

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