Huawei Denies Rumors about the Release of a Phone Based on Harmony OS in 2019

Huawei has officially denied speculation that the company will launch a smartphone equipped with the new Harmony OS operating system in the coming months on 2019.

According to statements made by Vice-president Vincent Yang at a conference in New York, Huawei has no plans to launch a Harmony OS-based smartphone before the end of this year, but the company could launch other devices based on it, such as televisions and smartwatch devices.

Explaining the company’s position, Huawei chief emphasized the need to “maintain a single standard and a single ecosystem”, a strategy that excludes the possibility of having smartphone products that work on different platforms. Thus, Harmony OS remains a backup solution in the event that the economic relations between China and the United States are deteriorating, with Huawei losing access to services provided by US trading partners.

Currently, Huawei is in the second extension of the 90-day grace period agreed with US lawmakers on enforcing economic sanctions decided by the Trump administration. Without clarifying the political situation, the launch of new smartphone products is questionable. Replacing Android with an immature platform such as Harmony OS and excluding hardware provided by US companies in devices already past the prototype stage won’t be possible without delays and major compromises.

Trying to answer media inquiries, Vincent Yang confirmed that Huawei will launch a new flagship with Android by the end of this year, without explicitly mentioning the Mate 30 series.

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