Motorola RAZR 2020 Could be the First “Clamshell” Phone with Two Modes of Screen Folding

Although it seems familiar to ordinary notebooks, the foldable screen design with the folded screen on the vertical axis is not at all practical in terms of ergonomics, the resulting device being as tall as an ordinary smartphone, but much thicker.

Instead, the clamshell design benefits from the traditional smartphone format, with a narrower screen on the horizontal and more spacious on the vertical. If in the old days, the T9 keyboard with physical buttons was standard, its space can now be requisitioned without problems for the extension of the tactile surface, the only serious obstacle being to find a suitable technical solution for the articulated housing.

Properly implemented; the new Motorola RAZR 2020 design could offer the solution for an ideal compromise between the size of the housing and the display surface.

According to rumors, the new smartphone would provide 6.5 “or 6.2” diagonal display in extended mode, leaving a secondary screen visible on the outside of the case for Android alerts.

Focused on the mid-range, the new device will not benefit from the most powerful chipset available, or ultra-high-performance cameras, to be one of the first foldable phones for ordinary consumers.

Extracting from the details of a patent application, the new smartphone seems to have not one, but two ways of folding the screen – partially and completely. Unfortunately, the software optimizations that will enhance the two modes of use are not known.

Unlike rivals Galaxy Fold and Moto X, the Motorola RAZR 2020 seems to be priced considerably lower than $1500, but justifies the mid-range rating on paper.

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