Munira Abdulla: A Woman Miraculously Recovered after 27 Years in Coma

A woman in the United Arab Emirates who suffered a serious accident in 1991 managed to recover from the coma she suffered as a result of her injuries. Munira Abdulla, who was 32 years old at the time of the accident, suffered profound brain trauma following a collision between a car and a bus.

Munira Abdulla was with her brother-in-law and son, Omar Webair, who at the time of the accident was 4 years old, when the car in which they were hit by a bus, reports the BBC. Although the mother suffered profound trauma, the child escaped unharmed, because she used her body to protect her child. “My mother was sitting in the back seat with me. When she saw the bus coming towards us, she took me in her arms to protect me from the impact,” Omar, the victim’s son, said.

Years of treatment

After the accident, Munira Abdulla received medical care, being transported to the local hospital in Al Ain. She was later transferred to a hospital in London, where doctors determined that she was in a vegetative state: unable to respond to external stimuli, but able to feel pain. After London, she was transferred back to Al Ain, where she was interned for several years. During this time, she was nourished with a tube and underwent physiotherapy to ensure that her muscles would not weaken due to lack of movement.

In 2017, the patient’s family received financial assistance from the United Arab Emirates Foundation to be transferred to a hospital in Germany. Munira Abdulla underwent procedures that involved correcting the atrophied muscles of her arms and legs.

After a year spent in the German hospital, she miraculously recovered. The external factor that triggered this, as per what Omar Webair, the son of Munire said – she felt when he was involved in an altercation with the medical staff in the room where she was hospitalized.

Currently, the woman has returned to the United Arab Emirates and is undergoing physiotherapy and recovery, to improve posture and prevent a possible contraction of muscle fibers.

A happy event, but very rare

Extreme cases such as that of Munira Abdulla are very rare and when they do occur, recovery proves to be a cumbersome process. Currently, it is impossible to predict the chances that a patient may have to wake up from a coma. And in cases where this can happen, the likelihood of them suffering brain damage is very high.

Another miraculous recovery case is that of Terry Wallis. He was also the victim of a car accident at the age of 19 and became aware after being in a vegetative state for about 19 years. The doctors and specialists who have dealt with the case have come to the conclusion that this recovery can be attributed to the regeneration of damaged brain tissue.

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