The Electric Vehicle Revolution Touches on The Baby Stroller Segment

Called “eStroller”, the top model developed by Bosch eliminates any effort when handling the baby stroller, the computer-driven electric propeller automatically adjusting the trajectory to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Featuring two electric motors, proximity sensors, and computerized guidance, the Bosch eStroller relieves parents from the burden of pushing the baby stroller, compensating for going to the hill and applying automatic braking when needed. Moreover, the computerized system prevents the deviation of the trajectory when moving on side-inclined sidewalks, compensates for lateral wind and asphalt gradients.

The 14.5km range will seem modest by the standards of an electric scooter, but the purpose is to assist light rides, not to participate in marathons. To simplify charging, Li-Ion batteries are similar to those used in electric screwdrivers, which can be detached and recharged with an easy-to-use external adapter.

Boasting a generous power source, the Bosch eStroller provides a USB port for mobile phone charging. Optionally, installing a dedicated application and connecting the trolley via Bluetooth allows you to get statistics on the distance traveled and set an anti-theft alarm.

Even unloaded, the eStroller can work just like a conventional baby stroller, with h added weight increasing the push effort slightly.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer – a Swedish company called Emmaljunga – will deliver this product only in 2020, at a price that is still unspecified.

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