How Durable is Galaxy Note10+, Samsung’s Flagship?

Samsung devices have evolved in recent years with slow steps, at a fundamental level; all the devices launched starting with the Galaxy S6 generation are almost similar. They are made of aluminum on the edges and curved glass on both sides; these devices are elegant, slippery, beautiful, and very fragile on impact with the ground. However, it seems that Samsung is still building devices that are very resistant to everyday use, as evidenced by Galaxy Note10+ tests on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel.

Resistance testing on JerryRigEverything is already a tradition for every major smartphone launch. They confirm that the device is really made of aluminum and glass, the front and rear panels being scratch-resistant, in normal parameters. All the outer elements on the edge are made of metal, which ensures the robustness of the device when it comes time for the bending test.

The Galaxy Note10+ doesn’t bend at all, and the glass on both sides resists, even without detaching from the housing case. Basically, the phone retains its resistance to water and dust even if it is bent in an unusual way.

The only fragile element, however, is the very element that differentiates between Galaxy Note series and other devices on the market: the S-Pen stylus. It is made of plastic and can be easily broken. However, it can be replaced as easily as Samsung sells spare pens to those who lose or destroy it.

Even the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor seems to be resistant and functioning after a period of abuse, reading the fingerprint even in a very scratchy area. Moreover, the display, which has been named by DisplayMate the best performer so far, does not suffer permanent damage even when it is under open fire, something that usually happens when OLED panels are destroyed.

Aside from the S-Pen, which is made of plastic but can be replaced, the Galaxy Note10+ seems to be one of the most durable, resistant devices on the market, at least for everyday use. When it comes to mechanical shocks, the best solution for protecting it will be a durable cover. Even if Gorilla Glass 6 glass is much more durable than previous generations, it will still crack on impact with a hash material.

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