Complete Surveillance Coverage with a Commercial Truck Camera

Trucks are heavy vehicles that are often used for commercial purposes such as transportation of client goods in a logistics company. Truck fleet companies might manage many commercial trucks at the same time, and they need to make it easy on themselves to manage the vehicles.

One of the crucial management strategies is to have an eye, or surveillance camera, that is always watching things and transmitting data in real time. According to experts, commercial truck camera solutions have really improved, and fleets have a lot of options to make operations easy for themselves while increasing their productivity at the same time. So, if you are a truck fleet company owner or manager, this guide on complete surveillance coverage is for you.

The Need for a Commercial Truck Camera

Modern trucks are equipped with sophisticated surveillance solutions such as reverse cams, cabin cams, side-view cameras, and many others. All these have the purpose of eliminating accidents and challenges such as reverse-related accidents and lane-changing accidents.

Furthermore, front-facing dash cameras record the occurrence of accidents, and this footage can be used by the fleet owner, police, or insurance firms to solve accident-related cases.

But above all, the commercial truck camera solutions help fleet managers and owners to monitor driver behavior and help in case of accidents. This is why they are installed in the cabin and connected to the cellular internet to transmit data in real time. There is direct remote access through an IP address. With disciplined drivers, there is an increase in productivity.

Popular Commercial Truck Camera Types

Well, fleet companies can install a variety of commercial truck camera types to suit their needs. And these solutions are provided by different sellers with reputable and experienced ones being the best.

  • Reverse camera – All vehicles, whether commercial or private, should have a functioning reverse camera. Commercial trucks rely on reverse cams when backing up into a loading bay, navigating a parking lot, or doing any other reverse.
  • Side-view camera – Whether it is integrated with the side mirror or separate, this really helps commercial truck drivers monitor the blind spots on the sides of the vehicle. Hence, they avoid accidents related to lane changing and turning.
  • Cabin and front-facing camera – Although mentioned last, it is the most crucial commercial truck camera. It records both the cabin and in front of the truck. As mentioned, it is used to monitor a driver’s behavior and occurrences on the road.

Buying a Commercial Truck Camera

If you are looking to add any of the above commercial truck cameras, you have to choose the best. There are a couple of considerations to make, and the most crucial are listed here.

  • Tech features – Any modern commercial truck camera should have cutting edge features such as connectivity to the internet, real-time data transmission to a remote location, event-triggered recording, and much more. It all depends on what the fleet company wants to achieve.
  • Quality recording – A good camera balances between footage quality and size. FHD truck cameras are the best since they are clearer than HD and take less space than 4K videos. Other recording features include stabilization, autofocus, and night vision.
  • GPS capability – One of the best commercial truck cameras to have is one with a GPS feature. This will eliminate the need to have a separate GPS tracker in your trucks.
  • Size matters – Commercial truck cameras that are too heavy are not the best since they come off their mounting easily. Also, they are cumbersome to use on a dashboard or any other part of the truck. Ensure that they are small but functional and durable.

Using a Commercial Truck Camera

So, who are the main users of these truck cameras? The drivers, their supervisors, and the fleet owners are the ones who interact with the cameras on a daily basis. These cameras are essential parts of the operation, and when they are used well, they make operations easier, among many other benefits. But police, insurance companies, and any other authorized individual might need to use the cameras especially when solving certain cases.

Final Word

Using the best commercial truck camera is very crucial in a fleet company. Actually, you can add it even if you manage just one truck for your commercial operations. As you can see, this is the only way to be sure of complete surveillance management.

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