Look for these bed features for the tech power user

The bedroom isn’t necessarily just for sleeping these days. For years this room was used very little – only at night or to prepare for the day. Now that the pandemic has led to more households spending time together, the bedroom is also a refuge, a place to unwind and relax in peace away from the rest of the household.

The biggest problem with this is that beds were never really designed for this purpose. Most bedrooms only have one outlet available, maybe two or three at most. How are you to charge your devices while using them in bed? What about extra light to read or play games by? Luckily, the new contemporary beds are made for the tech genius to enjoy their techy toys while relaxing in their own bedroom.

There are several new features available that you should look for as you browse bedroom beds. You can see some examples in our full catalog.

Built-in LED lights

How many times have you lounged in bed and wished for more direct light? A bed with built-in LED sconces is the perfect solution. You can turn them on and off as needed, with one sconce above each side. This way you can read easily in the dark while your other half snores away.

USB charging stations

No contemporary furnishing would be complete without USB charging stations. Now that almost everything charges with some form of USB cord, new homes are even featuring outlets for USBs instead of standard prongs. Contemporary bedroom furniture is no different. You can find bedroom sets with matching nightstands with charging stations as well, but even some beds now have this feature.

UL Listed power cords

The bed powers your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headphones, and lights, but what powers the bed? Most of these beds are using UL-listed power cords. These are very durable cords meant to disperse power throughout a furnishing or appliance. The UL power cords can be plugged into any outlet, even ones that are not 3 prongs. This allows you to adapt your techy bed to your needs even if you have an older home with older outlets.

The best example of a smart bed

If you want a bed as smart as your devices, consider looking at the Drystan Multi-panel storage bedroom set. Not only does this bed feature the UL listed power cord, USB charge ports, and LED reading lights, it also has built-in drawer storage that can eliminate the need for a dresser. It also creates a platform for the mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring as well.

The bed can be ordered with matching nightstands that feature a charging station on the first shelf. There is also a dresser with a mirror available if you do need additional drawer space. All of the drawers are cedar-lined so that you don’t have to worry about pests or moisture getting to your clothes stored within. This can be a great option for storing seasonal attire and household goods as well.

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