The Skincare Routine in The Cold Season, Simpler than Ever, in just 4 Steps

Now that the summer is over and the temperatures have started to fall, surely the first thing that comes to mind is to change your wardrobe. We move easily from super fresh and steamy summer outfits to warm, earthy tones or, why not, gloomy ones. The same should happen with our skincare routine. The cold season is no longer so friendly to our skin, and the products we used during the summer are no longer suited to the needs our skin has when it comes to low temperatures.

Because the cold season comes with many challenges for the skin, we must protect it from moisture and temperature changes that can affect the quality of the skin, drying it out. From exfoliation to intense hydration, here’s what your fall and winter care routine should look like.

Change the cleaning product

Foam cleansers are ideal in summer when excess sebum can be a real problem, but in the cold season the skin tends to dry out, and a creamy product can be much more effective without subjecting the skin to too much change and without sacrificing its protective barrier.

Emphasizes hydration

If you have oily skin you are lucky. In this case, gel creams work best. In other situations, like dry, normal or sensitive skin, moisturizing lotions are a must-have, as are the gels. The more aqueous consistency, the better, because many of them contain ceramides and fatty acids, ideal for preventing dehydration, but also for regenerating the barrier that permanently protects the skin. I think I have reached the point where everyone knows that hydration is the main step towards a shiny and voluminous skin. So, before applying day cream, you can also use a serum with hyaluronic acid for a boost of freshness.

Exfoliation, an essential habit

Dry skin also implies the presence of many dead cells, which means that on the list of investments you want to make for your skin. You should also include a scrub with a delicate formula that can take care of your skin in the cold season and can also prevent skin pigmentation. Regardless of the texture you prefer and what you really want to get from the skin (liquid enzyme peeling, mask, cream scrub or scrub), this should become an essential step in your skincare routine in the cold season. There are many delicate formulas that can be used every day, but in the case of slightly harder abrasive particles, it is ideal for the exfoliation process to be done once or at most twice a week. In addition, we should mention that the best time to exfoliate the skin is in the evening, before bedtime,

Sun protection, a must!

It is completely wrong to think that sunscreen should only be used during the hot season. Sun protection should be used every day of the year, whether the sun’s rays are visible in the sky or not. Thus, it prevents the aging process of the skin and, at the same time, avoids the deterioration of its appearance.

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