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When to Get Married in 2020 for a Happy Marriage

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You are surrounded by emotions, you want everything to come out exactly as you imagined, guests to enjoy with you, not to have unpleasant surprises throughout this process and many others, which unfortunately are inevitable. The most difficult part is not necessarily about choosing the wedding dress or choosing the place to create your fairytale world, but choosing the date to be led to the altar, to be a bride.

According to astrologer Carolyne Faulkner, it seems that the ideal day to say “YES” is February 20, 2020. This date seems to represent angels and “new beginnings.”

“In numerology, the number 2 represents the meaning of the strong and brave women.” explains the specialist. “In astrology, the number 2 marks the Taurus house and, as the zodiac sign is led by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, it represents the patience, tenacity, and dedication to stay loyal and work hard to build an incredible and long-lasting union.”, adds Carolyne Faulkner.

So, if you haven’t set a wedding date yet, you can consider this information. In addition, even if you did not think about this step with your partner, 2020 is the ideal time to take the relationship to another level. The stars show that Saturn is changing from the zodiac sign Capricorn, where it has been since 2017.

“It’s a combination that has not been seen since 1960, from the era of love, equality, and freedom, but especially the freedom to love,” explains Faulkner. “Despite the alignment of the planets in 2020, couples who will say” Yes “under this astrological phase are likely to have been together more than once, in other lives,” adds the astrologer.

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