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VIDEO: 10-cent Coin Was Purchased for $1.32M

A 10-cent coin, from a rare series known as the Barber Dime since 1894, was bought for $1.32 million at an auction in Chicago, according to the Daily Mail.

A Utah businessman paid $1.32 million for an extremely rare coin manufactured in 1894.

Only 24 copies of the so-called Barber Dime were printed and only nine copies are currently available, according to the numismatists.

The name of the coin comes from the designer, Charles E. Barber. The coins were printed at the San Francisco Mint on June 9, 1894, according to those who authenticated the copy. It is said that printing was done in order to give the coins to important bankers as gifts. Another variant of the story shows that on a routine check there was a $2.40 mismatch in the accounting and the coins were manufactured to compensate for this. Barber was the company’s administrator and donated three of the coins to his daughter. She sold two of the rare coins in 1950, recounting that she used the third in her childhood to buy ice cream.

The coin belonged to Los Angeles Lakers basketball club owner, Jerry Buss, in the past.

It was last auctioned in 1988.

The buyer is Dell Loy Hansen, the owner of the Real Salt Lake football team. He tries to collect one copy of every coin ever minted in the United States. According to the press, there are only six coins left to complete the collection, but the missing copies are not for sale.

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