Huawei To Launch the Phone that Will not Have Access to Google Services

The new Huawei Mate 30 is about to go on sale, but won’t come with apps like YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps, according to CNN.

The Chinese company will launch its latest smartphone, Mate 30, in Munich, Germany, later this month. It will be the first series of Huawei smartphones to enter the market since the company was blacklisted in the United States, which cut off access to Google’s apps and services for future products.

In May, Washington placed Huawei on a list that prohibits US companies from selling technology and software. This meant that Huawei could no longer do business with key vendors such as Intel, Micron, Qualcomm or software partners such as Google and Facebook.

Huawei anticipated the threat and provided stockpiles of components, but could not provide software. The company licensed Google for several smartphones before being blacklisted, but was unable to do so for the Mate 30 series.

The company has developed its own operating system called Harmony, which was introduced last month.

Mate 30 could be launched with Android, as the operating system is open source. But it won’t have access to popular apps like YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail, or the Google Play Store, where Android users can buy new apps. Without these services, Huawei devices become much less attractive to smartphone users in markets outside China – where Google applications are already largely blocked.

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