Waze Receives YouTube Music Integration

Owned by Google, the popular Waze navigation service has added YouTube Music to the list of supported audio playback applications, allowing users to listen to their favorite music without leaving browsing mode.

The news is not really a surprise because Google is working hard to promote the new song streaming service.

With a consistent number of users who spend a lot of time in front of the wheel, Waze puts YouTube Music on a level playing field with rivals Spotify, Deeezer, and other audio streaming services already on the app’s menu.

Connected via the Waze app, YouTube Music lets users play and change songs directly from the navigation interface, with the player appearing at the bottom of the screen, overlaid on the map.

Available for free in the first 3 months, respectively for a subscription of $11.99 / month after the promotional period, the YouTube Music service provides an almost unlimited number of songs that can be listened to from any device with Android system.

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