FamiSafe Review: A parental management app for iOS and automaton

FamiSafe provides you full management over however your youngsters use their smartphone. you’ll track their location, get notified after they enter or leave an area (like home or school), prohibit their phone usage on explicit times of the day, or perhaps bar them from victimization bound apps, or browsing explicit classes of online page.

All this is often is doable remotely from a straightforward and easy-to-use dashboard that you simply can access remotely on your smartphone or your computer’s browser. You simply ought to follow a number of straightforward steps to line up your kids’ cell phone tracker furthermore as your own.

How FamiSafe works?

The FamiSafe app permits you to supervise their activities in 2 ways:

Contextual Notifications: FamiSafe sends you alerts whenever your youngsters enter or leave a specific location and it is best mobile location tracker once one thing uncommonly happens on their phone.

Limit or Block phone usage: It helps you to monitor and block content on your kids’ smartphone in order that they can’t watch, scan or hear what they’re not presupposed to. It additionally alerts you if somebody sends your youngsters inappropriate or probably harassing texts.

For the primary class of option, uses active location trailing to see your kids’ current location and send you geofence-activated alerts. To boot, you’ll additionally recognize once associate degree surprising error or one thing uncommon happens on your kids’ phones.

This profile lets FamiSafe app to manage bound content, apps, and options on your kids’ devices, almost like the method that organizations have bound management over the content and apps on company-managed devices.

Set up FamiSafe for the primary time

You can simply create FamiSafe on yours furthermore as your kids’ devices, by following the steps given below:

  • Download and install the FamiSafe app on your automaton or iOS device.
  • Sign up and register your account on FamiSafe.
  • Now visit your kid’s smartphone and install the FamiSafe app there on.
  • Sign in to your FamiSafe account and set the device up as a child.

FamiSafe options

Let’s remark a number of the many options offered by FamiSafe.

Track your kids’ location (GPS huntsman for kids)

This is the front-and-center of your FamiSafe dashboard. and screen limit.

Text Messages observance & Alerts

Suspicious Text Alerts

Once you’ve signed into all of your kids’ smartphones along with your FamiSafe account and put in the FamiSafe managed profile, you’ll get notification alerts for probably harmful or inappropriate content, harassment, etc. on your kids’ text conversations. You’ll have an opportunity to stop your youngsters from potential cyberbullies before things get too so much.

Block apps on kids’ smartphone (Kid Mode for automaton, iOS)

Track & management your kids’ online activities

Features like sensible computer hardware, Screen-Time management, etc. allow you to monitor and management however your youngsters square measure victimization their smartphone. You’ll block apps consistent with their age rating, or outline specific schedules once the block is active. You’ll outline screen points in time that get triggered for a selected period, or supported explicit location geofences.

If your child has associate degree automaton device, you’ll even monitor what quantity time they’re defrayal on totally different apps.

Block express websites and social media posts

With online page filtering, FamiSafe helps you to block bound content and websites that fall among bound classes. By sanctioning specific class filters, FamiSafe will block content on your kids’ devices, that meet those classes.

There is additionally an exact Content Detection feature that detects and notifies you of inappropriate videos that your youngsters may be look on YouTube. you’ll link your kid’s YouTube account in FamiSafe and also the app can keep track of the watch history for probably inappropriate videos.

Similarly, on Android, FamiSafe will connect along with your kids’ social apps and keep track of specific words utilized in instant electronic communication apps and social platforms. Texts that contain harmful keywords are uploaded to the parent’s device and that they would even be notified, in order that acceptable action will be taken.

Note: For this feature to figure, FamiSafe needs you to put in the managed profile on your kid’s phone.

No ought to raise your child for his or her phones anytime you believe one thing uncommon. If it happens, FamiSafe can give notice you.

Final words

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